American Veterinary Pathology Associates, PLLC
Veterinarian owned & operated  

Research Pathology

We provide consultation on general veterinary research including reviewing experimental designs, animal models, tissue sampling and handling.

We can provide research histopathology or clinical pathology support including peer review of submitted tissues, gross descriptions, microscopic descriptions and interpretations. We can provide quantitative analyses of differing tissues, scoring of tissue lesions based on your criteria or if none are available using a standardized scoring criteria from previous published research.

General services include:
  • Consultation, assistance with experimental design and study protocols
  • Macroscopic/Gross evaluation of tissues
  • Histopathology, blinded & repeated (peer reviewed)
  • Off-site necropsy evaluations (within a 1 hour driving range of Blacksburg, Virginia)
  • Cytologic examination
  • Assistance developing quantiative measures of changes and image analyses
  • Review and interpretation of clinical laboratory data
  • Photo/Digital micrograph services
  • Histology services (including tissue trimming, processing and slide prep with or without evaluation by American Veterinary Pathology Associates)
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