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Effective October 1st, 2014

Veterinary Diagnostic support:

#1) Histopathology (1 tissue) = $75.00 ($20.00 each additional tissue on same case if a new slide has to be made),  ($65 if dropped off, if your clinic pays shipping, or if submitted with another case using our FedEx shipping (the 1st case is charged $75)).
  • Immunohistochemistry = $45.00
  • Special stains (e.g. PAS, GMS, Amylase, etc.) = $20.00

Diagnostic cytology (1 site (lymph nodes counted as 1 site)) = $60.00, ($40 if dropped off, if your clinic pays shipping or submitted with another cytology case (the 1st case is charged $60). Note: Do not submit cytology cases with histopathology cases, the formalin vapors can fixed cells on slides distorting their morphology. 
  • Additional unrelated sites = $35
  • Additional related sites = $30
  • Fluid samples that need cell counts, total protein, or other chemistry values add $50 = $110
#3) Telemedicine: (fee is waived if case is submitted for histopathology or diagnostic cytology)
  • Telemedicine diagnostic cytology = $40.00 per case (submit digital photomicrographs to
  • Telemedicine gross/macroscopic pathology = $40.00 per case (submit digital photographs to

#4) Diagnostic consultation/labwork review = $40

  • Includes: Review of case history with interpretation of labwork (CBC &/or Biochemical profiles)
  • Recommendations for specific assays and advice of assay sensitivity & specificity as reported by literature.
  • Diagnostic consultation fee is waived if the case is submitted for histopathology or diagnostic cytology to our service.

Research support

Call for prices and information on our Research support services. We are able to offer a wide range of services, staining, standard H&E, specialized and immunohistochemical staining techniques.
  • In general, expect: ~ $300/hour for research work without authorship considerations and $160/hour for work with authorship. Each project is different and varies in requirements time and technical. We can give you an estimate of the expected hours for completing projects.  

Digital Pathology Service:

#1) Whole slide imaging/digitization = $50.00
#2) Select image digital micrograph = $30.00

Should you have ANY questions what so ever, please do NOT hesitate to contact us “American Veterinary Pathology Associates” at 
540-998-4451 or

We are friendly, and we are here to help you!

Invoices are electronically mailed on the 1st of every month and due in 30 days.
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  • Checks (business or personal)
  • Cash

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