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Digital Pathology

Do you have a slide you would like scanned into a digital format? Or have you submitted a tissue for histopathology and would like a digital micrograph for a presentation? We can digitize slides or take micrographs of submitted tissues. We utilize a slide scanning service that performs complete slide digitization using an Aperio® slide scanner and viewed with Imagescope® or Webscope®. Or if you've submitted a diagnostic histopathology or cytology case and would like to get a digital micrograph for presenting just let us know. 

We can help you conduct your image/slide analysis research projects using various software from Imagescope®, Labview, Scopeimage 9.0 or Image J.  Contact us today if you are interested in our digital pathology services. (540)-998-4451

  • Complete Slide digitization
  • Select digital micrograph
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